Imagination Unhinged


Imagination is a wonderful gift. Imagine a home project completed, a school to attend, and classes to pursue. Imagine those imaginations affecting job possibilities. Imagine growing in your marriage, thinking together, practicing forgiveness, and extending grace to each other. Imagine fresh, understanding love. Imagine a fun weekend with your children or grandchildren. Imagine how to decorate your home, or how to get that piece of furniture you’d like. Imagine better care for an aging parent. Imagine a closer relationship with God.

But what if imagination comes unhinged? That happened to me recently during a Judson University Chapel on Founder’s Day. The music was inspiring. An outstanding Native American speaker had so much to say. While taking it all in my silenced phone began vibrating. I peeked. It was my sister. What? These are her work hours. Her call couldn’t wait until after work? Sitting near the front in a long row, walking out to take her call would disturb everyone.

My imagination came unhinged. Had something happened to her? An auto accident on the way to work? Had she been injured at work? Was it her children, their spouses, or grandchildren? That tree in her yard that was splitting . . . workers secured it, but what if that failed? It must be something bad because it’s so difficult for her to answer her phone at work. It became more difficult to concentrate. Slowly I surrendered those thoughts to God. I would contact her immediately after Chapel. 

I texted: “Did you call me? My phone rang in Chapel but I couldn’t answer.” She texted right back. “No, we’re camping at Clinton lake, eating breakfast,” then gave me a fishing report from her son and grandson. Whew! She accidentally hit the dial button, but my imagination lamentably distorted that call. 

The Bible cautions about imaginations. Romans 1:20-21 says God’s creation reveals God. Instead of recognizing God as Creator, however, some people vainly imagine otherwise. The Greek word translated vain means foolish. Imaginations can be foolish, like mine in Chapel at Judson.

The Bible tells us what to do with foolish imaginations: cast down those imaginations and take every thought captive and make it obey Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5). Imagine doing that the next time your imaginations become unhinged. 

Author: Randy J. Gauger

Follower of Jesus Christ, Mary's husband for 55 years, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, preacher, ordained American Baptist Pastor retired, writer.

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